There are two ways to add images into a slide deck. 

1. You may add an image as a background. If you will be typing on top of the image, you want to choose it carefully. If you are setting up a slide deck that is intended to be only images (for an assembly, a wedding etc.) you may want to put each image in as a background. To do this, you will need to click in the background space on your slide. (not inside a textbox).

About halfway down the list that appears when I right click on the background is “Change background“. If I’ve clicked on anything other than the background, I won’t see that as an option, and I’ll need to try again in a different area on my slide. (please note you can change the layout, theme and transition here as well).

When I click on “Change background, a new popup menu appears.

Right away you see that I have access to a colour picker if I just want to change the colour from white.

I can choose an image – clickin on that will bring up the familiar screen that all Google products display when we seek to add an image. I can also reset the theme.

We’re going to add an image. So, when I click on “Choose image”, this is what I see:

So, locate your image – either by finding it in your Google Drive, by uploading it (remember you do have a small downloads file on your Chromebook if that’s where it is).

Please note, if you select the “Search” option, it will search Google Images for you, and it will only retrieve images that are licensed for anyone to use. It will not display copyrighted images. This is the best way to have students find images for a presentation, as they will not be in copyright violation if they search within the application. (Same applies for Google Docs).

So, now that I have inserted a new background image, I’m going to move the title up into the solidly coloured space, and I’m going to delete the subtitle textbox. (To delete a textbox, click on the edges of the rectangle that outlines the space, the rectnagle will turn blue, then press delete on your keyboard.)