Add-ons are where Google Slides takes presentations to a whole new level in the classroom. This is where we move from a boring old powerpoint into engaging and meaningful participation and formative assessment. Add-ons take the basic features of any of the Google products, and they, well, add on extra features.

Most teachers in CESD know that PearDeck is one of my favourite slides add-ons. It allows teachers to embed slides into their presentations that give students an opportunity to participate in the presentation much in the way they could engage in a Kahoot game. But Pear Deck allows for much much more than just multiple choice questions!

To control your add-ons, click on the “Add-ons” drop menu in slides.

You can see on my screen that I have two add-ons in my slides, One is Pear Deck and the other is Lucidchart’s diagram wizard for adding quick diagrams into a presentation. If you’ve never added anything to slides, choose “Get add-ons”. (If you have some add-ons that you never use, it’s generally a good idea to remove them, and to do so, choose “manage add-ons”.)

When you choose “Get add-ons” you will be provided with a popup screen that looks much like the Chrome store.

This was the screen that greeted me today when I opened “Get add-ons”. What you typically see is some of the most used, and highest rated add-ons. Pear Deck has been a consistent resident of this screen for many months. But there are tons of other add-ons that might be useful to you. Take some time, explore the add-ons!