Adding Audio is now possible in Google Slides, but for a little bit longer, we’re going to have to use a workaround. Here’s the thing: my personal Google account has it now, but my school Google account does not. So, what I’m going to do with my presentation is share it to my personal Google account, just to add the audio.

CESD Account

Personal Account

The image on my left is my CESD Google account. I shared the account to my personal gmail and the same presentation is shown on the right; with a newly rolled out feature. (It will come to education accounts eventually; this is how most things happen). So, if I want to easily add audio to the whole slideshow, I’ll just do that on my personal account.

So, in my personal account, I’ve used the Insert -> Audio option and I’ve chosen a song that I had in my Google Drive. There is one extra step to making this work seamlessly at school – you need to share the audio file from your personal account to your account, so that you can play the presentation including the audio with your account

In order to set it to play throughout the slideshow, I need to click on the little audio symbol that now appears on the slide where I inserted it, and then I need to choose Format -> Options

I have to do this part in my personal account too. When I open “Format Options” with the audio symbol selected, a new menu appears, again on the right-hand side. Audio playback is one of the options I can format.

To start the audio when the slideshow begins, I want to set the format options as follows:

  • Start playing – automatically
  • Adjust the volume to a level I like
  • Uncheck “Stop on slide change”
  • Hide icon while presenting

If you’ve shared the audio file to your account, you can now play the presentation with seamless audio in the background at school!!

Hopefully Google rolls out the insert-audio feature to our cesd73 domain soon!! But hey, this is a huge improvement on last year’s abilities to do this! And this makes it conclusive that we will have this in our cesd Google accounts very soon!