Now that I have my first few slides set up, let’s take a look at adding some animations.

For this presentation, I am planning to use it with kindergarten and perhaps grade one just to review colour names. You can see my emerging slide deck on the left-hand side. (I can change the order of the slides by clicking and dragging in that list to the left).

What I’d like to do is have the names of the colours fly onto the screen after a student (or the whole class depending on your preference as a teacher) calls out the colour’s name. Adding Animations in Slides is just as easy as Powerpoint. There are less animations to choose from, but let’s be honest, a lot of the animations in Powerpoint are super cheesy and no one uses them. (I’m thinking of the one that types the words on the screen one letter at a time whilst making the noise of a typewriter.)

To add an animation to a slide, you’ll need to go under the Insert menu. Insert -> Animation. That may not be the first place you’d look, but there it is.

After you select “Animation” from the Insert menu, a new area will appear on the right side of your slides screen. In that area, you can:

  • Choose the object(s) you wish to animate
  • Choose the animation you wish to apply to the object
  • Adjust the speed of the animation
  • Possibly adjust the direction of the animation depending on which was chosen.
  • Add an exit animation if you wish.
  • choose if it appears “On click”, After previous, or With previous

If you use a magnifying glass on the image, you will see that to the left of “Fade in (On Click) is the word “Blue” – that is how slides keeps me informed as to which animation that is. If I had multiple items to animate on this screen, each would have a different, but reliable identifier to assist me.

If you look to the top of the new “animation” window, you will see that “Transitions” is also part of this screen. If you are wanting to create a fade effect, or some other style that operates when the presentation changes to another slide, this is where you do that. It can be tough to find sometimes as it is not specifically listed in the Slides menu. You find it in the “Animations” menu.