Can I have more extensions?

Absolutely. If you find something in the Chrome Web Store that you want to try out, by all means do so. There are tons of awesome extensions to simplify the process of instruction and assessment, teaching and learning. Some of my favourites are:

  • Share to Classroom – with one click, you can share a website to one of your classes as a material
  • Save to Keep – again, one click saves a website into your Google Keep for retrieval later.
  • Wakelet – This is my newly discovered favourite app. Similar to Pinterest, with one click you can save a site to your Wakelet app, keeping Pinterest for personal use!
  • Screencastify – allows you to record your screen and voice for up to 10 minutes for free.
  • Mic Note – a voice recording application. If you need to record more than the free version will allow you, please contact Ted at Division Office. (Technically Mic Note is called a Chrome App, but we will just leave the definition of the difference for Ted to worry about. 😉)
  • Bitmoji – Allows me to use my Bitmoji anywhere on the internet, and brings a Bitmoji button into GMail as well for quick access.

Often it is valuable to look at the featured extensions that are on the landing page of the Chrome Web Store. These are extensions that others are using, both personally and professionally that have been positively reviewed.

For personal use, I like

  • Honey – When I am buying something online, Honey scours the web for coupon codes to save me money. It works. I have saved money by having it. Especially around Black Friday when coupon codes for savings are all over the web!
  • Pinterest Save Button – I am a classic Pinterest user who pins recipes I’ll never make and crafts I’ll never get time to do. But all the same, I love Pinterest, so this button is a must-have for me.

Do you have a Chrome Extension that you love? Either for professional or personal use? Feel free to email me (Michelle) and let me know of a good one to add to this list!!