When I am using slides as a publishing tool, inserting images, drawings, tables and all the other goodies works the same way that it does when I am using slides as a presentation tool. So, for our example, I have gone ahead and added some images to make my newsletter look a little more interesting. The challenge I am up against is that the leaves on the bottom should be behind that textbox; not in front of it!

To make that happen, I first want to ensure that the textbox is not transparent inside. If it’s see-through, it won’t matter if those leaves are in front or behind, the stems will still be visible! To make sure the middle of the textbox is white, I need to click on the textbox itself, then look up at the top toolbar:


Please note that above the panel of colours is an image of a drop with a slash through it, and the word transparent. You can select any colour imaginable for the background of the textbox, but the top right-hand corner of the colour panel is white. If you select it, the textbox will have a solid white fill.

Now, we want to click on the image of the leaves and choose “order” from the flyout menu.

From the order menu, for this example, I am going to choose “send to back”. If I had a bunch of images in the same area, I might choose “send backward” to see what happens, but in this instance, I can just have it go right to the back layer and it’s good. Different wishes with regard to the layout and appearance may warrant a different choice here.

Now, this is how that area of my newsletter looks…