As much as you can control your drive with a few settings changes (grid vs. list), Quick Access thumbnails or not…. you can also change the sorting of the drive. If we take a look at my drive, it looks like this:

Right above the names of the folders, we can see the word “Name” with an arrow pointing upward. At this poing in time, my drive is sorting alphabetically from A to Z. If I click on that arrow, it will sort alphabetically from Z to A.

The other sorting mechanism is to click on the heading “Last Modified”. To sort your drive that way will always have the most recently edited file at the top of the list. Within the “Last Modified” heading there are three subchoices. (1) Last Modified (2) Last Modified by me (3)Last Opened by me

With these sorting features in place, the need to use the “search” feature should be minimal.