Before we start this module, there is something that needs to be in place for this to work. The person you are wanting to book time with needs to have shared their calendar to you. If they have not shared their calendar with you, you do not have the ability to look at their calendar, this feature won’t just hand over the keys to their calendar to you. And that security works for you also. If you haven’t shared your calendar with another person, they cannot search your calendar for available meeting times.

So, this tutorial is going to assume that the sharing of calendars has already occurred.

To find a meeting time with another busy person, click on your own calendar at the time you’re thinking might work well for you. Then click on the “more options” text down by the blue save button. We are going to see that same familiar screen from the last tutorial, but this time we are going to focus our eyes on another area of that screen.

If you click on the words “Find a Time”, Google calendar will explore your calendar and your guest(s)’ calendar(s) to help you locate a mutually available time slot. (again, your guests MUST have shared their calendars to you for this to work. We will use the “Learning Support Teacher Division Account” as my guest for this demonstration. I can add my guests on the screen you see above, or on the “Find a Time” screen that is shown below.

When I add my guest, the Learning Support Teacher, I will see their calendar with my calendar…

Now I can see at a glance that first thing Tuesday morning might be good, or anytime Friday. Quick, simple, and valuable for all people whose time is tight!