As we’ve presviously learned, you can share your calendar with others. You do so by deciding who should have access to that information, and sending them an invitation to your calendar.

What if you wanted to have a calendar that was public? Like your school’s calendar for example. It’s public, and it’s been embedded in the school’s website so that anyone can see it. Parents, community members or anyone out there with an internet connection.

You may have a calendar that would be better served to just be publicly available. For instance, a team calendar for extracurricular sports, or band engagements, drama rehearsals… the list could be exhaustive. But sometimes, it’s just easier to have that calendar be public. Here’s how you do that…

Move your mouse over toward the list of calendars on the left side of your screen. Right now, we don’t see any evidence of menus existing over there, but once you move your mouse there and hover over a calendar name, the kabob menu will appear.

See those three dots? Those are the kabob menu! If I click on them, a menu appears.

Again, I am going to go into “Settings and sharing” to adjust who can see my calendar.

Please note, this is also where you could change the colour associated with a calendar. Google assigns those randomly, but it can be confusing if two calendars end up with the same colour. You can change that here.

You can control a lot of details about each calendar by going into the “Settings and sharing” options. Right now, we are only looking at the privacy settings – public vs. private.

If you look at the above image, you can see that I could change the name of my calendar here. I can adjust the time zone, and I can control who can see it. I can also adjust who can make changes to it. 

So, you have three choices. I have the bottom one checked, as I want to leverage the continuity and flow between GSuite applications. 

To the right of the first two options, there is a greyed out drop menu. You must check off the choice to activate the menu. When I checked off “Make available to public”, a pop-up window appeared warning me that this would make my content searchable by Google. (Good to know…) and then once I agreed to that, the greyed out menu showed the following:

So, if you need to make a calendar publicy visible, it’s easily done.

Please note, making one calendar publicly visible does not make all your calendars publicly visible. You’d have to tackle that task one calendar at a time!