Why would I want a second calendar!?

Well, there are actually quite a few instances where having a second calendar is handy. In the next module, we are going to discuss sharing your calendar, and there may be some things on your calendar that you do not wish to share with a colleague. A dental appointment perhaps. Or a booking with your therapist. You know… stuff you don’t want to forget about, but don’t really need everyone knowing about either.

Google Calendar allows you to operate multiple calendars with the same login. Let’s take a quick look at how to create a second (and third, fourth, fifth…) calendar!

Several years ago, in my former school, I created a calendar for every room, lab and cart that could be signed out. As a staff, we developed our protocol for using these calendars, and what it allowed us all to do was be able to access our resources when planning at home. If you’ve come down with a wicked head cold and you’ve called for a sub tomorrow, having calendars for shared resources allows you to check if a cart of Chromebooks is available before lunch, or if the makerspace is booked in block 8. It was a genuine step forward for our staff to be able to do this from a distance.

It should also be noted that Google Classroom automatically sets up a calendar each time you create a new class. Every time you enter a due date, Google Classroom enters said date onto the calendar that corresponds to that classroom. You’ve gotta love automation!