To embed your slideshow on a website other than a Google Site, there is an additional step you must take. Under the file menu, you must “publish to web” to make your slideshow visible to the world wide web. If you are embedding it on a website, it is assumed that you wish for the world wide web to be able to view it, and this step ensures that this takes place.

If you are uncomfortable with this, you have two choices.

1. Paste a text link onto your website. Understandably, this isn’t preferable. It is nowhere near as user-friendly and eliminates the visual. However, it will allow you to skip the step of publishing your presentation to the web. (It’s not likely going to be found by random people, however, your comfort level is personal).

2. Build your website using Google Sites – when you build through this mechanism, you can limit your entire site to only people with an email address if you choose to. Regardless of how you control that setting, your slideshow will embed seamlessly within a Google Site. Anytime we are working with a technology product, it always works best (optimally) with products also created by the same company. It’s why we use Google Chrome when we are working in GSuite. Other browsers lack the full set of tools.