Where do I even find my Google Calendar?

There are a couple ways to access your Google Calendar. One is by typing in the web address calendar.google.com (all Google products have the same formatting for their web address. productname.google.com). The other way to get to your calendar is by clicking on the waffle in the top right hand corner by your name. The waffle contains links to many GSuite products (and you can control the order they appear. Drag the ones you use the most to the top!)

I have the calendar icon near the top of the icons in my waffle because it’s an application that I use all the time. When you click on it, you’ll arrive on a page that looks something like this…

The pink arrow is there to draw your attention to the “view” you are on. At present, this one is on the “week” view. But this can be changed to a number of other choices including “Day”, “month”, “4 days” “Schedule” or “Year”.

The blue arrow is pointing to the selection of calendars that will display on the screen. Every calendar that has a checkmark will display its events on your calendar. If your calendar is feeling really cluttered, you can uncheck some of these. It doesn’t delete the calendar, it just hides those events from your view. Anytime you wish to see the events on one of those calendars, just click the box to put the checkmark back.

Try it! Open your calendar and check then uncheck the “Holidays in Canada” calendar (on month view is best). You can have that quick reminder of “When is Victoria Day this year”, but you don’t have to see all the Québec holidays that don’t apply here!