Now that I have my first couple slides set up, I’d like to adjust the font that I am using. When you first log in to any of your Google applications, there is a very limited set of fonts from which to choose. But that is not the entire list of fonts available to you. There are around 900 fonts in the Google suite.

Directly above your font list is a link that often goes unnoticed. The “More fonts” choice. You can see just from a glance at my font list that I’ve added quite a few that were not there initially. (You cannot upload a font of your choosing. Fonts are the intellectual property of the designer, and for Google to deploy fonts, they must be open-source fonts, or Google would have had to pay a premium price for the privelege. Teachers are not exemptions to copyright laws.)

Click on “More fonts”, browse the list. Poppins is one of my favourite fonts because the letters are made the way we teach children to print. (Let’s not talk about Comic Sans, ok? I hate it.)

Any fonts that you add to your GSuite account in Slides will also be added in Docs and Sheets.

Predictably, I can also change the font colour, size, bold, italics, underline in the same area of my screen. If you click on “Custom” at the bottom of the colour fly-out you can enter the hexadecimal (alphanumeric) code for a particular colour, or you can drag your mouse around on the colour array to find what you are seeking.

If I highlight the letters one at a time, I can assign a different colour to each letter. Since this presentation will be about exploring the science of colour, I might choose to do just that!

When I click on the “More fonts” option, I am presented with the following screen:

Fonts that I have already added to my library will be shown in blue on the left side of the screen with a checkmark beside them. Fonts I have not installed will be black. On the right side is the list of fonts I do have installed.  There are buttons at the top to adjust your search.

Additionally, you may prefer to consult the list of all the Google fonts to see the fonts used on more words. Once you know the name of the fonts you like, you can quickly find them using the search feature found in this dialog box.