Google Calendar is great, but it can be overwhelming when you’ve been added to every calendar in your school. The library booking calendar, the Chromebook cart calendars, the robotics set booking calendar, the gym booking calendar, the extracurricular sports calendar…. and on and on and on!!

Sometimes those calendars don’t really apply to you, but as an active member of a staff, you need to be able to see them on the rare occasion that this is warranted. 

So, for those calendars, it’s really easy to hide them. You may even want to hide your Google Classroom calendars (I had 16 Google Classroom calendars when I was teaching – I had 16 classes of Com Tech every year, and each had their own space in my Google Classroom).

Here’s how you hide them. (Not delete them, hide them).

Once again, I’ve moved my mouse over to the list of calendars and I have hovered to make the kabob menu appear. On every calendar except my main one (which is defaulted to show my name), I have a third choice. “Hide from list”,

If you choose “Hide from list”, the calendar won’t pollute your list any more, but when you need the data from that calendar, you’ll be able to find it, see it, and then go on with your life!

To retrieve a hidden calendar, I am going to go into the “Settings and sharing” for any calendar that I don’t have hidden (you can’t hide your main calendar, so there will always be at least one calendar there). When I go to that screen, I see the following:

See that eyeball with the backslash through it beside birthdays – that’s telling me that it is hidden. If I click on that eyeball, I can unhide that calendar.

I can also hid calendars on this screen. So, approach the task whichever way you prefer. Either on the settings screen, or on the main calendar screen as I instructed above.

Technical note:

\ is a blackslash.

/ is a slash. (I regularly hear people refer to the slash as a backslash.)

The eye that shows your hidden calendars has a backslash through it.