Now that I do EVERYTHING in my browser, I have too many tabs open!

A quick way to make things feel a bit less compressed is to “pin” a few tabs. First thing in the morning when I boot up my computer, I open three tabs:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Drive

and then I right click on the tab itself (up there where the words are) and I choose “Pin Tab” The three tabs all shoot over to the left side of my screen, and show only their icons. They don’t waste any of my limited screen “real estate: when they are pinned. They’re always in the same place (as I said in the last screen, I do like consistency)!

Other Ideas…

When I was teaching, it was likely that 50% of the tabs I had open were things I had stumbled upon that I thought “I’m going to need this in about 6 weeks when we do the _____ unit”, so I’d leave the tab open with every good intention of getting back to it. Rarely did I return to it until right at the time I needed it (and I was thwarted many times by the system that automatically shut my computer off at 5:00!)

I think we all do that to some extent. We gather teaching materials as we “surf” the internet. I may be looking for a good list of French clothing words, but come upon another great list that I don’t want to lose. Wakelet is a great app for this. If you install the Wakelet extension into your Chrome browser, you can click on its icon anytime you want to save something. It’s a similar type application to Pinterest. For that matter, you could send the cool content you find online to Pinterest for future reference as well. I use Wakelet because my Pinterest is already jam packed with personal things!

There are other ideas as well. Toby is an extension that will take all your tabs and organize them into a one-screen view. Speed Dial 2 is another extension that will take your tabs and organize them into a one-screen view with some fairly nicely styled buttons.

And if you prefer to keep it all within the Suite environment, check out Google Keep!