Logging in to a browser

It’s an action that twenty years ago would have seemed bizarre and pointless. None of us would have had any reason to log in to the old Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers. But if you think about that for a moment, it makes sense. All of our data, documents, files, and other computer “stuff” was stored safely in the hard drive of our great big tower computers. You remember – those computers with the monitors that were as deep as the screen was wide? (They actually were. If you had a 21″ monitor, it was 21″ deep back in the day!)

Can you imagine having that much of your desk real estate occupied by a computer? And we aren’t even talking about those old printers!! While at times, technology can be overwhelming aren’t we glad that we are not on dial-up internet any more, saving data on floppy disks (those things failed at least as often as they worked), and printing our assignments on a dot-matrix printer? (My printer always chewed up the little ribbons with the holes and wasted so much paper!)

So, fast forward to present day, and we definitely don’t use Netscape any more, and if we are stull using Internet Explorer, we’re leaving ourselves wide open to get a virus! When Google came out with Chrome in 2008, their security was so much better than the competition that that feature alone played a huge part in the end of the two aforementioned browsers.

The first time Chrome demanded that I log in, I was hesitant. Why would a browser require that? I quickly learned that things like my bookmarks would travel with me. And I didn’t have to try to download them, or back them up, or find where they were buried in my operating system. Every time I logged into a Chrome browser, there were my bookmarks. A great thing – back in the day.

Now, in addition to bookmarks, all kinds of things stay “the same” no matter where we are logged in. Our extensions (including the paid ones) come with us. So does our bookmarks bar. The way we have the buttons set – it’s always the same, no matter what computer we are on.

That’s enough to make me happy to log in to a browser. I love consistency!