Just like with Google Docs, Google Slides supports multiple authors working on one presentation (or publication as we will cover in later modules).

For group work, one student should start the presentation in their Google Drive, and then share it to the other group members cesd73 accounts using the “Share” button found in the top right hand corner of all Google applications. All group members should have the same editing and managing permissions so that if the student who started the project gets sick or is away from school for a period of time, the other students can continue to work on the project seamlessly without having to log in with the absent student’s credentials. Through a lens of digital citizenship, that is never a good choice to provide login and password information to other students; even if the deadline is imminent!

Further to the above, as the teacher, you want all students to be using their own login credentials any time they are working on school work. Should there be discord within the group at some point (discord about someone not pulling their weight), you will have the “Version history” of the slide deck to assist you in determining if this is as serious as the kids are reporting. We will cover that in the next segment.