In other words, hatch a plan, then stick to it.

Computers, by default, organize alphabetically as opposed to sequentially. In teaching, sequence is pretty important. My folders of unit plans and the files inside often utilized numbers at the start of the file name to preserve the sequential nature of teaching and learning.

For example, my  GRAPHIC DESIGN folder contained
01-Family Graphic
02-Jarome on the Beach
03-Forge a Photo
04-My fake holiday
05-Tiled Me
06-I’ll give you something to cry about

The decision to employ numbers came as a result of enough frustration trying to find my own teaching files. Honestly, my classroom stress diminished significantly once I brought numbers into my file naming conventions.

Obviously, how you approach your file naming convention is entirely up to you. But since you are in a relatively new environment and may still be working on your organizational structure, it’s a good time to make that decision once and for all, and then stick to your file naming system.