When I was in the classroom, I utilized my desktop for my “currently teaching” content. When I was done teaching a particular topic or unit, I’d move the files back off my desktop. Chrome requires an adjustment of thinking in this regard as there is no desktop. The first step towards making the switch is to ditch the term “desktop”  It does not serve us to continue using terminology that does not apply.

Rather than move files around (on and off the desktop) Chrome has a better solution. Yes, I said it. I said BETTER. It’s called starring. Have you noticed the category called “starred” on the left side of your screen? That space is ran awesome way to replace the desktop workflow. you can “star” individual items or entire folders-as a teacher, I had some items that were starred for the full year. The classroom telephone list and the supervision schedule were starred every September. Other content would come and go throughout the year.

To do this…

I’d right click -> add star when I started a new unit,

and right click -> remove star when I was done teaching it.

NEVER IN THE WHOLE PROCESS DID I MOVE ANY OF MY FILES. They stayed where I had originally saved them. Starring brought them to a location of quick retrieval without disrupting the organizational process that I had already established in my Google Drive.

If we look in the “Starred” space of my Google Drive, you can see that I use it for items I need to refer to frequently. It contains feedback I need to refer to when adjusting the SEL Framework. It contains a list of the Math Teachers I have loaned foldable Chromebooks to. It contains some complicated mathematics questions that I am working to include in a locally-create examview-type question bank. 

Basically, my starred space contains the files I need today for the projects I am working on. Most of these are documents that were shared to me by someone else, as I find those kinds of files harder to locate when I need them. Different people have different naming conventions. The “Starred” space is incredibly useful. I use it in the same manner I used my desktop back when I ran a Windows computer.