The idea of using Slides for desktop publishing seems truly bizarre when it’s first mentioned. So much so that I’ve had users convinced I was not understanding the challenge they were facing, as it truly seemed like I was trying to convince them to do a presentation instead. 

Slides is the Swiss Army Knife of the Google suite of apps. I believe that term was coined by Kasey Bell of Shake up learning and it’s an appropriate way to think of Slides.

To use Slides as a replacement for Publisher, you need to start by changing the size of the “slide” to be a sheet of paper. Letter or Legal – whichever you prefer!

To change the slides to paper size, you are looking for the “Page setup” choice under the file menu. You may have to scroll the menu itself a bit, as on some screens, it is located below the bottom of the screen. (pressing Ctrl & – together might help, it shrinks your screen. Ctrl & + magnifies it). 

Once you open the Page setup, choose Custom from the choices provided.

Now your slides are the size of a sheet of paper, and the quality of your prints from this will be really quite lovely.