As you may have noticed in the previous module, the textboxes from the original slide template are still there. Generally, I delete these and start from a blank screen. (To delete, click on the edge of the text box and make the edges turn blue. Press Delete on your keyboard.)  Now we have a blank sheet of “paper” in front of us.

Now you will see the advantage to using slides over docs. We can put a text box on the paper, and we can drag it anywhere we want it to be. We aren’t restricted in our layout in the way that Docs restricts users. In the image below, I have put a 2px outline around the text boxes for the sake of demonstration. Those can be added or removed to any space that has text in it.

Hopefully this triggers your imagination; slides can be used to create booklets, worksheets, portfolios, or any other paper-based task schools need to accomplish.