One of my Favourite Features in Chrome

The bookmarks bar is one of my favourite features that Chrome offers users. Since the dawn of the Internet, we’ve been able to have bookmarks. When we talk about bookmarks, we generally picture a dropdown menu in our heads that is filled mostly with textual descriptions of each site we have bookmarked. We may have added a couple categories for the bookmarks to be organized in, but for the most part, it’s just a long list.

The Bookmarks bar is the space directly beneath the web address bar on your chrome browser. It’s where you want to save those bookmarks that you frequently use. It’s the quick access space. It’s just too bad that you can only fit a few bookmarks in that space.

…or can you?

Above is a screenshot of my own bookmarks bar. Though the photo is pretty small, (you can right click on it and choose “view image” to open it in a new tab to make it more readable) you can see that:

  • The waffle is the first icon on the left side of my bookmarks bar in Chrome. It is there by default.
  • The next three icons are for the three pages that I said I pin each morning when I get to work. Gmail, Calendar & Drive.
  • The remaining ones are all sites I access often – the hour of code, pixabay, freepik, my blueprint, powerschool and several more.

How did I fit them all in there?

I took off the text description for the icons that I am very familiar with. The first 13 items on my bookmarks bar contain only an icon. And that allows me to fit WAY MORE websites on my bookmarks bar!

To edit your own bookmarks bar, just right click on each bookmarked site and choose edit. Delete the text and you’ll be left with just the icon!!

To change the order they appear in, just drag them. By default, they appear in the chronological order of bookmarking. You can control that by clicking and dragging.