Perhaps one of the best features of Google Calendar is to assist all users with being organized for their meetings. For this example, I am going to create an event called “Staff Meeting” for October first, and I am going to attach the agenda to the calendar invite so that all invitees (guests, in Google lingo) have a copy of what we will be doing in that meeting attached to the event in their calendar!

When I click on “Add description“, a small menu will drop down in that space, and it looks like this:

That offers me some options – the chain link icon is there, so if I had a website or a youtube video I wanted folks to look at in advance of the meeting I could link it there.

To attach the agenda, I want to click on “More options” – just to the left of the blue “Save” button. Clicking that opens up the larger screen (which should hopefully be growing familiar by this point in these tutorials).

In the larger screen that opens up when we click on “more options” you will see a large space called “add description” – in this area you can type out what the meeting will be about, or provide a list of things attendees should remember to bring to the meeting (note the presence of bullets for that type of a list).

On this screen, we also have a paper clip icon – the universal icon for attachments. If you click on that, you will be greeted with another familiar screen…

It’s the “select a file” popup. The same one we encounter in Google Classroom, in Gmail and all other Google programs. It’s one of the BIG advantages of Google – the consistency that is inherent throughout all their products.

So, I would find the document containing the agenda and attach it there. That way, when your staff arrives at staff meeting, there is no confusion about where is the agenda – it is attached to the staff meeting “event” in everyone’s Google Calendar.

When you are the creator of an event, you also have the ability to control what your guests may or may not do. So, if you need to lock an event down to prevent editing, here is where you do that. Equally, if you want to open it up for your guests to “spread the word” by inviting others, you can do that here as well!