I’m confused about “Extensions”

I got my first smartphone in 2009, and I’d heard the phrase “there’s an app for that”, but truly, it meant nothing to me. I really had no context by which to establish my understanding of this. Now, smartphones and apps are just a way of life. 

Extensions are essentially apps for your Chromebook. But they exist within the browser, not on the “desktop” so to speak. There is no desktop as we have previously defined “desktop” on a Chromebook; there’s no need for one. (Obviously there is screenspace on your Chromebook, but it’s not a space where you store items.)

There are literally thousands of extensions available for Chrome by visiting the Chrome Web Store.  As with all things Google, there is a seach feature there where you can search either by name (screencastify) or by need (screen recording).

It’s easy enough to try them out, and if you find you don’t like them, or don’t want them they can be easily removed from Chrome too. We will get to that in the segment titled “What if I get too many extensions?”