The difference between a Chromebook and an older style laptop are not nearly as pronounced as they initially seem. In fact, once the user approaches Google Drive without the baggage of expectations, it’s really a rather simple system with MORE built-in tools to assist with organization. everything is in one place and space; it’s secure, and it’s backed up. An unexpected virus will never cost you your entire library of teaching resources. you’ll never purchase (purchase and lose) a flash drive again. you’ll never arrive at home again ready to work, only to discover that your digital file is in your H: drive at school, not on your desktop. With the switch to Google Drive, all those headaches are a thing of the past. In just a few weeks, you’ll realize how much-easier this actually is!


The Windows system may feel right now like a breakup you didn’t expect or want. But before long, it will become a long-forgotten ex…. an ex you really won’t miss.