How do I get rid of some?!?!

That’s actually easily done. You can either disable (I’m not using it much lately, but I don’t want it totally gone) or delete extensions.

To do this…

  1. Click on the kebab (those are the three dots beside your profile picture – tech people seem to like food. First there’s a waffle, then a burger and now a kebab!)

2. From the menu that flies out when you click the Kebab, choose More Tools

3. From the next menu choose Extensions

(OR instead of those three steps, you can just type in chrome://extensions/ into your browser. Either action gets the same result)

This will bring you to a screen that shows all of your extensions. On this screen you can delete extensions permanently, or you can use the switch button to turn them off.

Sometimes extensions can use a lot of your machine’s computing ability to run in the background. If you experience a slow Chromebook, it is definitely worth looking at the extensions you have active. Try disabling a few and see if your speeds improve.

Ted also keeps us apprised to the occasional extension that can be problematic. Ted’s tips are here on the Ed Tech Framework under Division Supported.