What Extensions are Critical for Classroom Use?

That’s a question that would probably have a different answer from every person you speak to. But I will give you a list of a few that are worth trying out.

I must also mention that it’s worth checking back in on extensions that didn’t quite meet your need somewhere in the future. App developers (good ones, anyway) take feedback from their reviews and ratings and improve the app. Just because two years ago Equatio maybe didn’t meet your need doesn’t mean that it might not today. 

The two extensions provided to all CESD users are:

There is a fair bit of overlap now between these two extensions. Kami started off as a .pdf reader and annotation extension (just that is super useful!) but now has some pretty powerful text-to-speech and speech-to-text features. If Read & Write has been causing your students some frustration (it happens more than you think), try using Kami instead.

Read & Write is the original text-to-speech and speeech-to-text extension. It’s been around for a few years now, and as a result, it’s pretty robust – when it isn’t being frustrating. One feature that it has that Kami is still lacking, is word prediction. If you have a student who needs that, Read & Write is your best choice.

And here’s the cool thing – students can have the extensions too! If you have a student who needs Read & Write installed into their Chrome browser for any reason at all, just search “Chrome Web Store” on the student’s Chromebook, find it in the store and add it to their Chrome. Once it’s been done once, they’ll have access ever after…. because like bookmarks, extensions follow the user too!!